Zachary Prell

Zachary was inspired early on by his grandfather Irving Prell, who was a self-made entrepreneur. As a young pharmacist in the 1930s, Irving was challenged to follow a new path and start his own pharmacy in West Los Angeles. While growing up, Zachary witnessed how passionate his grandfather was about building his business, carving out a niche among the giant chains and warmly connecting with his customers and suppliers.

It is with this same entrepreneurial spirit that motivated Zachary to leave traditional posts in investment banking and private equity, risk everything and chart an unconventional course after earning his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2005.

Zachary entered the fashion industry with a mission: improve the fit of his own shirts and create a collection of button-downs that was versatile and stylish enough for both the office and after-hours. As a regular guy with a fresh outlook, Zachary thought he could provide value to the menswear market by approaching the design process from a consumer’s perspective. He set about rethinking almost everything, including the fit, cuffs, collar and shirt tail length, and began developing the ideal sport shirt from scratch out of his 500 square-ft. Manhattan apartment.

Zachary also imagined the company he wanted to build. He appreciated how well-made and better-fitting clothes provided instant gratification and reasoned that, as the anchor of any wardrobe, a guy’s shirt was about his own personal expression. Zachary wanted to contribute to this experience and create a lifestyle brand that could provide such instant fulfillment – one that melded his own passion for connecting with people, producing compelling products that men loved to wear and building a brand that inspired others to live life to the fullest.

ZACHARY PRELL launched at wholesale in Spring 2009, amidst the most daunting economic climate in decades. Unfazed, Zachary traveled extensively across the U.S. for the past two years, working alongside sales teams at partner stores to train, motivate and share knowledge. In what has become a tradition, shirt styles were named in honor of family, friends, advisors and colleagues to thank them for their show of support. Zachary loved personalizing the collection and the surprise that came along with celebrating these recipients. The IRVING, named after Zachary’s grandfather, was the brand’s very first shirt and sold out during the inaugural season.

Zachary’s own lifestyle continues to influence the direction of the brand. Besides offering a well-edited assortment of sport shirts, ZACHARY PRELL now includes outerwear, sport coats, leather as well as swimwear – key pieces for any occasion. Living in downtown Manhattan, Zachary is inspired everyday by the surrounding eclectic neighborhoods, architecture and authentic flavors. Likewise, the brand and collection has evolved to mirror this lifestyle.

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