Haute Hippie

Founder and Creative Director, Trish Wescoat Pound, became a designer by accident, but years later realized this was actually her true calling. In 1994, Trish left Oklahoma and moved to New York, where she found a job as a receptionist at Calvin Klein and decided that working in the fashion industry was where she was meant to be.

After Calvin Klein, Trish moved to Theory where there was no stopping her; she quickly moved up to become the President of Women’s Sales. During her seven years at Theory she oversaw the brand’s dramatic growth in revenue from $18 to $250 million, and its evolution into one of the most preeminent contemporary collections. Collaborating closely with the design team while overseeing all aspects of sales, merchandising, and marketing, led Trish to serve as Design Director for the successful Spring/Summer 2003 collection.

After Theory, Trish moved to Michael Kors where she served as the President of the Women’s Collection, followed by CMO of Contemporary Brands at Liz Claiborne. Her final position before starting Haute Hippie was as President and Creative Director of Laundry by Design.

Trish’s love for travel and music has remained a constant throughout her career. Traveling the world with her daughter Jillian where she worked, Trish became inspired to create clothes that embodied the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle that she lived. Inspired by a myriad of cultures, genres and people, and with an eye for detail that bordered on the obsessive, she sought to reshape the feminine, bohemian ethos into a collection of cool, luxurious clothes for the “RoBo” – rock ‘n roll bohemian woman.

Now, just four and a half years later, Haute Hippie is sold in over 300 stores across the United States and countries worldwide. Haute Hippie embodies the spirit of the global nomad, blending vintage-inspired pieces with a sophisticated, yet edgy aesthetic. The Haute Hippie woman is a true citizen of the world – comfortable in her own skin and free from the need to conform to the trends.

A believer in the democratization of fashion without compromising luxury, Trish infuses Haute Hippie with the same carefree – yet sophisticated – aesthetic that characterizes every aspect of her life. From boy shorts to ball gowns, Trish designs everything a woman needs to create her “ultimate” closet.


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