The Dallas Reign of SuitSupply

On June 18, 2015, SuitSupply opened their Dallas doors to the bustling West Village shopping center. They were one of seven options for men’s suiting, including household names J.Crew and Brooks Brothers to join the area with one of the largest retail spaces on the block. Their United States expansion was only five years in and only existed in massive retail markets (New York and Chicago being two). From the outside, the Dallas store looked like an oasis of color and boldness, with fake trees hovering above mannequins wearing electric blue suits. There were suggestive photos of men and women partying plastered all over the walls, exposed to the street on both sides of the building. It was a bold move for SuitSupply, but their audacity returned in the form of unmatched success.

Quick backstory: SuitSupply began in 2000, founded by current CEO Fokke De Jong when he was 26. He turned a college pipe dream into a mega-reality, as the brand popped up everywhere from Russia to Singapore before heading to the United States six years ago. Now, the US has seventeen of the locations worldwide. All of the suits are made from high-quality fabrics sourced from Italy, and there are so many design details that make every jacket and pant combination incomparable. Every store has a skilled in-house tailor too, if being perfect and inexpensive wasn’t enough already.

The company put an emphasis on the Dallas market during its pre-opening last year. In addition to the storefront, SuitSupply’s headquarters began to plan a slow transition into a more affordable market. Dallas was the new destination, and many employees hired before opening moved to temporary office spaces to work on the customer service team.

What is SuitSupply’s Dallas status one year later? The store established itself as a haven for young professionals to find perfectly tailored suits in various fits and exceptional customer service (you can be on texting terms with your suiting professional for real-time updates). The Customer Service team grew in size and demand, and found their permanent office in the luxurious Crescent Hotel. They even brought the Dallas celebrities from hiding, where an internationally known basketball player can be seen getting pinned with a Heineken in his hand. The events are loud and boisterous, just like the photography on the walls. The theme of brash will never go out of style. SuitSupply suits can also be found at the Crescent’s exclusive department store, Stanley-Korshak.

Dallas is the new home of SuitSupply. If this was all in one year, what will happen in two?

By Travis Wright