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Heart of Fashion kicked off the inaugural fall event offering three-nights of runway hosted by Vivian Wise at Million Air in Houston, Texas. Our team would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the opportunity to partner with her and for her commitment to bringing such fashion events to the great State of Texas. We always welcome those who share in the dedication to the present and future of fashion.

I remain thankful for having such an incredible team of talented individuals who continue to make all things possible. Thank you for sharing your time, expertise and passion for the craft and serving our clients at the highest level possible.

Lastly, our team would like to recognize all the companies, sponsors and individuals that made Heart of Fashion a huge success.

  • Heart of Fashion- Allison George, Charles Ward, Georgeta Teodorescu, Hank Fasthoff, Jared Dame, Josie Logbotche, Katie Turpin,  Kayln Oden, and Shandi Crooks; words can't say enough to express our appreciation in this collaboration of great minds.
  • On The Mark Communications- Michael Mandola, Thank you for everything! I loved our working relationship to ensuring Media & Press was handled in such a skillful manner. 
  • Million Air- Laura Williams, Thank you for opening up your office to play host to my team and I. 
  • Todd Events- Todd Fiscus and Taylor DeMartino, Congratulations on transforming the hangar space with such an incredible design aesthetic.
  • Bright Star Productions- Gary Archer, Thank you for being so accommodating as your team was such a pleasure to work with.
  • Aztec Events & Tents- Cory & Felicia, What an impressive team of professionals as it was so inspiring to see things come together so quickly from your group.
  • Fashion Event Producers- Lenny & Tamara, What a show! You did it! 11 Fashion Shows, 1 Award Presentation and 60-80 Fashion Models. Congrats!
  • A Fare Extraordinaire, Cosmo Cool Events, Houston Limo,  LG Entertainment, Neal Hamil, Page Parkes, Speed Pro, Suite 206, and Tech Ave- Thank you for all your hard work.

Simply, Thanks!

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For more information on Heart of Fashion, please visit www.heartoffashion.com.

Michael Allendorf
Chief Executive Officer

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