Viet Kent Nguyen

Since childhood in Vietnam, Viet has had an interest in fashion and design. He worked as a fabric designer from 1999 until he left home for the United States in 2004. With his sister’s help he began learning how to make patterns and sew. He continues to work in her fabric store where he makes traditional Vietnamese dresses and assists a local designer with costumes for musical theater.

In 2005 he enrolled at Houston Community College where he took core classes working toward an associate’s degree. In 2007 he began studying fashion and design. While the language barrier posed a significant challenge, he was undeterred. Using the skills learned from his sister he was able to excel in all of his classes.

As he continued in his studies, his teachers and classmates encouraged him to participate in fashion competitions with the hopes of winning scholarships and gaining experience.

His first competition was Dallas Career Day 2010, where he I won first place in the Mohair category. Inspired by this win, he has made competing a priority. Since graduation he has participated in numerous Houston fashion shows, which showcase designs from several of his collections, including the one completed while at Houston Community College.

Other achievements include: Best in Show, May 2010 HCC Fashion Show; Outstanding Fashion Student 2010; First Place in Fashion Design, 2011 College in Houston Career Day; Best in Show and third place in the Wool Category and Top 5 Finalist, 2011 Dallas Career Day Paris Scholarship at Dallas Career Day; Student of the Year and Best Couture Collection, 2011 Houston Community College; First place 2011 Little Black Dress Competition 2011; 2011 Project Runway Semi-finalist.

Viet’s greatest passions are fashion and design. Inspired by nature and fine art, he seeks to translate his inspirations into clothing. The process of creating fashion is not only his livelihood and what makes him happy, it also allows him to express himself in ways that words simply cannot.

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